Earth Day was held on May 4th at Creighton Pond Camp in Middleton. Middleton Stream Team and Creighton Pond Day Camp joined forces to hold Earth Day 2014, with the support of many other organizations leading to the successful experience.


Activity around Creighton Pond Day Camp canopy


Casting in action!

Mass Fisheries and Wildlife, with local assistance taught a constant flow of children and their parents how to fly-fish before they tried their skills on Creighton Pond. A demonstration of fly tying added to the fishing “lure”.




Camp staff loaded a continuous flotilla of rowboats full of families setting out to explore the pond. Some spotted a goose nest and eggs on an island.

Boy Scouts cooked delicious food over the fire, and the scouts created marshmallow muskets in the woods.

Girl Scouts operated a popular tee shirt recycling event, creating bags “good for anything”.

Several organizations, including Masconomet HS, promoted environmentally sound practices, or sold environmentally friendly products.


Dissecting owl pellets

Children went on nature scavenger hunts, dissected owl pellets and identified the contents, learned about frogs, owls, insects, salamanders and eagle nests.

And of course there was food and drinks from Sol Bean Cafe and pizza available for snacking.

The weather cooperated with some sun and some clouds, but no rain, and at the end of the day, many families expressed that they enjoyed the great location and fun activities.

The Middleton Stream Team would like to give a big THANK YOU to Leland Boutilier and the Creighton Pond Day Camp staff for allowing the facility to host Earth Day at this beautiful site and for providing so many fun opportunities.

We also thank the Middleton Board of Trade for additional funding for this event.

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