A secluded section of Middleton was cleaned up Sunday as part of a successful Middleton Stream Team – Cub Scout environmental service project.  Nine tires, two mattresses, household Trash, TV’s, furniture, tires, car parts, and construction debris were all picked up by volunteer’s. It was a productive day using pails, bags and man power to clean up what shamefully others left behind! The group split up into 3 teams cleaning up trash on the side of the road and a few near by trails totaling approx. 30 bags of trash and large items. Trash was sorted into recycling barrels and pick up trucks and properly discarded at the town transfer station. For the kids it was a lesson in environmental awareness team work and to never litter. For the adults, it was a sad reminder that some people just don’t have a sense of pride in our community carelessly discarding refuse thinking it will biodegrade or someone else will pick it up or maybe they just don’t care. If they only new plastic bags take 20+ years to break down, cigarette butts 1-5 years, aluminum cans 50-100 years, plastic bottles never!! The volunteer’s yesterday both kids and adults did there part, lets all spread the word and do our part. KEEP OUR COMMUNITY CLEAN!
By Elaine Gauthier