Dear Middleton Residents,on behalf of the Middleton Health Department, please read the information below and attached documents at bottom that related to 2015 Mosquito Control Property Spray Exclusion Requests
A message from the Mosquito Control District Program:
With the mosquito breeding season over for this year, we are already gearing up for the next season. As you may know, residents can exempt their property from pesticide application activities and in the past we did our best to accommodate all requests. Beginning in 2014, we were no longer be able to accommodate those requests that did not adhere to 333 CMR 13:00, due to a determination by the State’s legal department (please see attached regulation). This regulation remains in effect as written for the 2015 mosquito breeding season. We are asking that you inform the residents of your town early to insure that those who wish to exempt their property send their certified letter to the municipal clerk no later than the March 1 of the year they are requesting exemption. Designation for exclusion must be made prior to March 1st of each year and shall be effective from April 1st of that year through March 31st of the following year.
Properties to be exempted will be entered into our data collection and mapping program. This program is designed to alert the applicator of an upcoming, exempted property allowing the sprayer to be turned off in an appropriate time frame. Properties included in the exemption layer of the mapping program are based on the actual parcel boundaries (according to the Mass GIS database) to allow for better exemption of the entire property.
We are informing the local Boards of Health and Municipal Clerks early as this is a change from previous years when residents could call us directly to have their property exempted. As requests come in to the Clerk’s office, they may be forwarded directly to us, held until the March 1st deadline after which we will have a District representative pick them up or they may be included in one database to be sent to our office no later than March 5. The desires of the owner of the property will take precedence over those of a tenant according to 333 CMR 13:00. I have attached a form that residents may use to exempt their properties.
If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your assistance in getting the information out to your residents.
Robyn Januszewski
District Administrator
Northeast Massachusetts Mosquito Control and Wetlands Management District
261 Northern Blvd
Newburyport, MA 01950