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Are you interested in learning about the wonders of our natural world by working along with the region’s leading environmental experts…plus participating in outdoor events, canoe or kayaking,  walks and other fun events? group photo-1038

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Through this one time registration, you will now be part of this highly motivated team and be given an opportunity to join us in our activities! Membership fees are $10.00 for a single or $20.00 for a family membership. Please fill in the fields below to create your totally confidential profile. Your membership will begin when payment is received. MST offers a range of events and activities, but never any obligation or requirement to attend meetings.

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    Two ways to pay your membership fees:
    1.     You can send check to:

    Middleton Stream Team P.O. Box 333 Middleton, Mass. 01949 (Make checks payable to “Middleton Stream Team, Inc.”)

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