MST Nature Photo Contest Entry Form


Photo byElaineGauthier 

Middleton Stream Team
2020 Nature Photo Contest Online Entry Form


This online form is being offered to simplify the  process of submitting your photos. There is NO CHARGE required for up to three photos.

Before filling out the registration form and uploading your photos, please refer to the link below for contest information and rules. Contest rules and optional manual submit instructions are also available. 

Contest info link

Photos must be received by Monday, January 11, 2021

Submission instructions:

Files must be in JPG format with an aspect ratio of 8 x 10 and a file size of no more than 2 MB. Note: You may be requested to send a larger file if your photo is chosen as winner or honorable mention.

Filenames MUST include your name and name of photo in order to be considered.
For example: if your name is Mary Smith and you are submitting a photo of a frog, you might name your file:

  • Each submitted photo must have a unique name.
  • Do not include watermarks that would reveal the name of the photographer on the photo itself.
  • You may submit up to 3 photos.

Adult (over 18)Youth (18 or under unless a full time student)

If under 18, Name of parent or guardian approving entry

Check here if you have entered the contest in the past

If no, how did you hear about the contest?

** Please understand that by checking the required box below, you give the right to display and use your submitted images to the Middleton Stream Team, although that this does not restrict your right to use the entered images.

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