Middleton Stream Team

A Non Profit Organization Dedicated to Protecting and Preserving Middleton’s Rivers and Wetlands

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MST Scholarship Fund

To further its mission, the Middleton Stream Team recognizes the need to protect the environment for future generations by establishing a scholarship fund

Nature Photo Contest

 Our annual photo contest is intended to develop appreciation, enjoyment, and stewardship of Middleton’s many miles of the Ipswich River, local streams, and wetlands, as well as the wildlife living in those habitats.

Activities and Events

We organize and run the town’s annual Earth Day Festival in the spring, conduct family hikes in the spring, fall and winter.

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Rachel Remembered

Rachel Remembered

Water Closet for September 28, 2018      Marine biologist Rachel Carson has been very much with environmentalists since her death in 1964.  She haunts our consciences.  Ten years ago the Middleton Stream Team named a clearing for passing...

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