Middleton Stream Team

Environmental Scholarships and Awards for 2021

The Middleton Stream Team is a non-profit 501c3 tax exempt  all-volunteer service organization formed originally as a small volunteer group in 1998. Their mission is environmental stewardship, primarily in those parts of the Ipswich River Watershed’s river, streams and wetlands which are located in Middleton MA.  We are committed to promoting, conserving, protecting, improving and expanding the natural, scenic and historical resources and recreational opportunities as well as to fostering the responsible use and enjoyment of these resources by the public. The Team’s mission is accomplished in works of education, public service, conservation and advocacy. The Middleton Stream Team interfaces with local and regional environmental, community, school and youth groups; and with town government; and serves all the community.  

         To further its mission, the Middleton Stream Team recognizes the need to protect the environment for future generations so it  has established  a yearly  fund used to award an outstanding Middleton high school senior who has demonstrated an interest in protecting the environment now and for the future.  100% of the award money  donated  goes directly to the student for educational purposes in  helping  them  reach their goals.  

The Middleton Stream Team will be awarding $1000.00 this year  to a deserving  Middleton  resident who is a High School senior, including home schooled students, based on the following criteria:

  1. The student must live in Middleton, MA and be a high school senior. (Any school except for Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School which has a separate scholarship with MST)
  2. The student must be in pursuit of a degree in a post secondary education institution, (2 year and/or 4 year accredited schools qualify)
  3. Applicants must submit an essay describing their interests and experiences as it relates to the Middleton Stream Team’s mission.

Applicants should include their current studies in the environmental field, extracurricular activities, past volunteer experiences and  employment in relation. Demonstrate an active continued interest in environmental stewardship and protection of natural resources.  Also we ask the student to share  their intentions and aspirations for their college pursuits and eventual career pathway in an environmental discipline. 

  1. Applicants need to fill out the application and type their essays and mail to MST by April 1, 2021

Your application will be considered by the MST award committee and you will be notified by May 1,2021.

Thank you.

Middleton Stream Team

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