First Place Student – Erica Lee

The annual Stream Team Photo awards were granted on February 9th at the Flint Library in Middleton. Sixty photos were entered in the Student, Adult, and Stream Team Member categories. The contest is an annual event designed to encourage photographers to explore and appreciate the Ipswich River Watershed (river, streams and wetlands) in Middleton. The adult and student awardees receive cash prizes provided by the Stream Team and private donation.

First place- Kat MacInnis
Second Place-Bill Baxter
Third Place- Ann Demeritt
First Place Student- Erica Lee
Second Place Student- Brendan Bansfield
Third Place Student- Catelyn Bansfield
First Place Stream Team Member- Donna Bambury
Second and Third Place Stream Team Member- Susan Piccole

Ken Way and Kathy Diamontopoulos both were awarded Best Wildlife in their respective categories.
Honorable mentions were awarded to Students Sawyer LaVita, Erica Lee, and Catelyn Bansfield; adults Pam Hartman, Alison Colby-Campbell, Joanne MacInnis, and Ann Demeritt; and Stream Team Members Elaine Gauthier and Jackie Hannigan.
All entered photos can be viewed at
Winning photos will be on view in the Middleton Post Office/Santander Bank lobby
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