Spring has arrived!

Join the Middleton Stream Team

Vernal Pool Spring Hike

Sunday April 6, 1-4pm


Annual spring hike to vernal pools and other water bodies to see what animals might have come forth as the ice melts.   We will loop through the woods stopping at ponds to sample and return to start

Bring a light long handled net for catching small creatures, a white plastic bowl to observe them in, and a camera. !cid_AEDF35441671048-15

Meet on Lake Street, in Middleton, at the entrance to the Middleton Pond reservoir one-half mile west of Middleton Center. Turn onto Lake Street from Rte 114/Main at the Fire Station and proceed to the gate area. You will see a Middleton Stream Team sign.


Please check this web site www.middletonstreamteam.org the morning of the hike in case of changes due to weather conditions. Email MSTMiddletonMA@gmail.com or call (978) 777-4584 if you have any questions |