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Days are shorter and more precious in autumn, but this is when Mother Nature delights our senses as it unveils its truly vivid colors.  That is also why the Middleton Stream Team holds its annual Fall Foilage Family Hike where this past Sunday, a group of approximately 30 met at Mundy Bridge to see what wonders of nature had in store for them.

The fall hike was previously delayed a week due to inclement weather, but last Sunday turned out to be a beautiful hike day. After Naturalist Pike Messenger, explained the leaf life cycle, the group started up the trail beside Boston Brook, crossing the brook on a bridge built by local boy scouts. The group age ranged in age from 8 months to eighty plus, and all seemed to enjoy exploring the glacier carved hills and valleys in these woods. Elaine Gauthier took the lead and pointed out landscape effects of the glaciers. Pike provided information about moss, witch hazel and bogs. The group paused at a beaver dam which was prepared for winter, and to look at a true bog.

All seemed to enjoy the experience and the exercise of hiking in the fallen leaves in the open forest, along forgotten stone walls that served to mark land boundaries. It has long been stated that hiking has many beneficial health benefits including; reducing the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.

Keep visiting this website for information about future hikes.