Sunday, November 10 – 1:00 to 4:00

Come join us Stream Teamers and friends on our 20th annual family fall hike in northern Middleton on Sunday afternoon, November 10.  Meet on the right side of Ross Lane (across from 2 Ross Lane) off Peabody Street, Middleton, before 1 PM.  We’ll hike from there to the Cudhea Crick’s upper watershed where beavers rule.  We’ll then proceed south easterly along high ledge toward Old Thomas Road and Ross lane.  From there we’ll visit the ancient Curtis Oak. Estimates of the giant white oak’s age are 400 to 600 years.  From there, we’ll walk to the Peabody Street landing on the Ipswich River.   The oaks will be putting on their annual fall show of color.  Their good 2019 crop of acorns now litter the ground.  Deer, turkeys, squirrels and other creatures are fattening up on them.   The beavers are raising their dams in preparation for winter.  Maples and other hardwoods have shed their leaves as they shut down for five months.   White pines’ foliage formed this year is still a lush blue-green. Past years’ needles have turned a lovely brown and fallen.   The ground beneath the trees and bushes are being loosely paved with new layers of nutrient laden leaves that each year decompose to thicken the topsoil.   Folks who can walk on woodland trails for three miles, especially children, are welcome.  We’ll be back at the start before 4 PM.  Please call 978-774-1507 with questions.