Elaine Gauthier – First Place

The Middleton Stream Team 2017 Nature Photo Contest awards event was held on March 11, 2018. The venue was the Historical Museum on Pleasant St. Many photographers, family and Stream Team members attended the event in order to congratulate the artists and look over all the beautiful photographs that were submitted this year. Three judges were in attendance; Eric Roth, Lucille Wymer, and Milly Clark. The photographers talked about their favorite sites for photography in Middleton as they received their awards. Middleton Pond was the most popular site this year.

First, the students received their awards from Pamela Hartman, who had generously donated the funding for these awards.

First Place Student- Henry Thomas

Second Place Student- Grace Whitney

Judy Schneider, contest coordinator, handed out the awards for the adult contest.

First Place- Elaine Gauthier

Second Place- Donna Bambury

Third Place- Pamela Hartman

Best Wildlife- Judy Parrot-Willis

Honorable mentions went to;

Joanne MacInnis, Donna Bambury, Pamela Hartman, Kathy Diamontopoulos, and Judy Parrot-Willis

Photos can be viewed here and are also on display at the Middleton Post Office/Santander Bank lobby display case.

We encourage everyone to get outside to enjoy our beautiful town. Look for information about our 2018 photo contest that will be posting soon. Then you can send us your photos for the 2018 contest.  The Middleton Stream Team holds the contest each year in order to encourage everyone to get outside and see our beautiful section of the Ipswich River Watershed. We have many wetlands, ponds, and brooks to explore. Or you can relax at our five canoe/kayak river landings and enjoy the river view.

  • Guests at the awards
  • Judy_Parrot-Willis_Best Wildlife
  • Donna_Bambury_HM (2)
  • Judy_Parrot-Willis_HM
  • DonnaLeBel-FallenBirch
  • Alison_Colby-Campbell (2)
  • Grace with her photo
  • looking closely at the photos
  • Elaine_Gauthier_first Place
  • Judy Parrot-Willis showing her bird photos
  • Diamontopoulos-Solitary-Sandpiper
  • Henry Thomas receiving award
  • Donna_Bambury_Second Place
  • GraceWhitney-island-of-water-on-ice
  • HenryThomas_First Place Student
  • Pam_Hartman
  • DonnaLeBel-EarlyMorningReservoir
  • Elaine_Gauthier
  • GraceWhitney-Hare-footprint.
  • Diamontopoulos-Solitary-Sandpipers-Pair_HM
  • Pam_Hartman_Third Place
  • DonnaLeBel-AutumnSunriseCreightonPond
  • Judy_Parrot-Willis
  • Pam Hartman with her award
  • The judges
  • Henry with his photo
  • Elaine Gauthier with first place award
  • HenryThomas_ItsCold
  • Sue_Piccole (2)
  • Pam_Hartman_HM
  • Sue_Piccole (3)
  • Joanne-MacInnis_HM
  • HenryThomas_Pond
  • Sue_Piccole
  • Donna_Bambury_HM
  • Alison_Colby-Campbell (3)
  • Elaine_Gauthier (2)
  • Pam Hartman giving award to Grace Whitney
  • Joanne MacInnis receiving her award
  • AshleyWhitney-animaloverlook
  • Diamontopoulos-Solitary-Sandpiper
  • Alison_Colby-Campbell
  • GraceWhitney_Second Place Student