We are a non-profit all-volunteer service organization formed originally as a small volunteer group in 1998. Our mission is environmental stewardship, primarily in those parts of the Ipswich River Watershed’s river, streams and wetlands which are located in Middleton MA. Our mission is accomplished in works of education, public service, conservation and advocacy. We interface with local and regional environmental, community, school and youth groups; and with town government; and serve all the community.

We proudly publish a weekly water-related educational or advocacy essay for the WC Iconcommunity called the Water Closet together with current precipitation and river flow, and cumulative precipitation data.  We organize and run the town’s annual Earth Day Festival in the spring; conduct family hikes in the spring, fall and winter. To stimulate awareness of nature’s surrounding wonder and beauty we run an annual river, stream and wetland photo contests for youth and adults.  For the community we have developed and maintain five public river-access sites to encourage use and familiarity with the river and the wetlands; We conduct occasional river trips for members and the public.

We suggest, sponsor and mentor environmentally-related Eagle Scout projects.

Pike pointing out a river feature

For youth, we organize and conduct environmental service projects and provide fun and learning hikes. We are involved in advocacy to conserve fragile ecosystems in our brooks, ponds, wetlands and adjacent uplands.