The Middleton Stream Team and the Middleton Historical Society and Commission are moving along on the “Commemorative Curtis Mill Project”. Back in the late 1930’s, two of the five Curtis brothers built a sawmill on the flowing waters of Boston Brook, with the dam creating Curtis Mill Pond. Warren Evans hauled logs by horse drawn wagons to the mill. Vandals burned the mill down in 1972, a few years after Arthur and Ernest died. Danvers owned the water rights and when the state considered the dam unsafe, the dam was removed in 2013. Saving and restoring the steel parts, work done by volunteers, the historical site will eventually have a display showing how the mill parts functioned. A kiosk now displays photographs and information on the history of the site. An Eagle Scout project by Nils Kovamees is also in the works at the site, with a beautiful double bench installed and more beautification to be completed. The display will have a solid roof above it as the Middleton Electric Department installed large posts for it’s support. This week, cement was mixed and poured for the large turbine display. Water powered mills were a big part of local history and this will be an educational display for all to enjoy!

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