Please join us Saturday, 1 February, for our 20th annual winter hike.  We’ll explore an area of Middleton with an important history where men built dams for water power and beavers now build them for deeper, wider habitat.  The impoundments the dams produce attract other animals such as otters, northern water snakes, turtles, and migrating ducks to mention only a few.   Hikers will visit the remains of a 17th century man made dam.  It may have powered the first sawmill in Salem.  Middleton until 1728 was part of Salem.  Before the English arrived  beavers were the dam builders here. They, trapped out for pelts, returned after a hiatus of three centuries in the 1990s.  Two weeks ago a concrete dam with a patch made by beavers came dramatically to our notice. The beaver portion was breached by fast flowing water, one-third mile long Prichard Pond behind it dropped two feet exposing beds of mussels.   Hike with us along Boston Brook, Prichard Pond, Pond Meadow Brook, Cudhea’s Crick, and their watersheds on our winter hike. Kids are especially welcome.  We may be walking on ice. Bring Yak-Traks or foot gear with good treds if needed.  Meet just south of 29 North Liberty Street, Middleton, at Mundy Bridge before 1 PM.  We should be back at start well before 4 PM.  Bad weather will postpone until February 8. See social media sites or for updates.    Please call 978-774-1507 with questions.