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The Middleton Stream Team photo contest awards were announced on November 27 at the Lura Woodside Watkins Museum in Middleton.

The 2016 first place award, a colorful photograph of salamander eggs discovered in a vernal pool, went to Donna Bambury of Middleton. Second place was awarded to Jennifer Buonaorsa of Middleton, who entered a beautiful photo of a sunset and moon over a low Middleton Pond. Third place was awarded to Susan Piccole of Middleton for a photo of trees and cat tails in the rookery.

Honorable mentions were awarded to Pam Hartman of Middleton, Elaine Gauthier of Middleton, and Alison Colby-Campbell of Haverhill.

Ella Bernard was awarded first place for under 18 for her photo of a beaver sculpted tree.

Donna Bambury was also recognized for best drought photo and best wildlife photo. The last was a photo of an osprey perched in a tree beside Middleton Pond.

All the entries can be viewed at MiddletonStreamTeam.org. The winning photos are on display at the Middleton Post Office Lobby display case for your viewing enjoyment.