An enthusiastic crowd of Middleton Stream Teamers and photographers turned out on Sunday to see this year’s photo contest awards. All the entries were displayed in a slide show during the event so everyone got a chance to see the wonderful photography.

This year’s awards went to:
Kenneth Way- first prize and an honorable mention
Pam Hartman- second prize
Diane Currier- Third prize and an honorable mention
Kat Mcinnis- Honorable mention
Natasha Bansfield- Honorable Mention
Student Category:
Medeleine Forster- First Place
Brenden Bansfield- Honorable Mention
Parker Wassung- Two Honorable Mentions
This year 3 Stream Team photographers shared their photographs with the group. They are Donna Bambury, Elaine Gauthier and Jackie Hannigan. 
All photographs can be viewed below

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