The Stream Team’s winter hike, held in partnership with Essex County Greenbelt, and led by Pike Messenger, explored areas in North Middleton. The hike started on the Bay Circuit Trail off North Liberty St and looped back via a large, ice covered beaver impoundment. Forty eight hikers joined the event, ranging in age from 1 to 80+. The trail required  crossing some small streams on planks, rocks and ice. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and most of the group ventured out onto the still thick ice to explore the wilds in a new way. Along the route we saw stone remains of old buildings, mushrooms, a few green plants, and lots of animal tracks.
  • Out into the open field led by Elaine Gauthier
  • Little Pike pointing out something interesting
  • mushrooms in January
  • Fun Mud Puddles at end of hike
  • Addressing the group
  • questions?
  • walking on the thick ice
  • Showing the hemlock woolly adelgid
  • venturing out on the ice

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